And who have we here, Miss Dipesto?:

1) How did you first discover Moonlighting? I was a freshman in high school when it originally aired. Wow, that's really dating myself. My dad's girlfriend used to watch it and I got hooked.

2) What is your favourite episode and why? Oh wow! That's a hard question. I have so many favorite episodes, but I think one of my most favorite episodes is 'Atlas Belched'

3) Which character do you relate to the most? I think I would have to say that I'm a little bit of Maddie and a little bit of David with a dash of Miss Dipesto thrown in for good measure. LOL!!

4) What is your favourite scene/quote from the series? My favorite scene in the movie is where David hires Maddie to work for him at his detective agency. Then, later in the same episode, where he gives up the chance to have his own agency to work for her again.

5) How did you find this community? Searched on LJ search.
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Looking for Moonlighting fan history

Does anyone have any links or info about fan activity for Moonlighting in any time period since it's first airing in the 80s?

I'm working on a page for Fanlore, a project of AO3.  You can go work on the page yourself if you like, here. Just create a Fanlore login and go to it!

Otherwise, share your stories with me here or via email at [username] at geeemale. Anything about fan experiences or fan works, especially early and obscure stuff, print zines or any fanfic archives other that you may know of.


Fic: Synchronized Swimming

This year, for Yuletide (an annual rare fandom fanfiction exchange), I asked for a Moonlighting story. Imagine my joy on Christmas day when I woke up to find this in my stocking:

Synchronized Swimming

Seriously, the story is wonderful - full of bickering and sexual tension and clever writing. And it's funny! Did I mention it's funny? It's David and Maddie and the classic one-bed-in-the-hotel trope, done up Moonlighting style.

I hope you guys enjoy it as well. :)

And please do leave my Yuletide author some love if you like it! You don't need an account on AO3 - you can easily leave comments with your email address, or you can given "kudos" (which is the same as "liking" something on Facebook) anonymously with one click.