blithers (blithers) wrote in thestraightpoop,

Fic: Synchronized Swimming

This year, for Yuletide (an annual rare fandom fanfiction exchange), I asked for a Moonlighting story. Imagine my joy on Christmas day when I woke up to find this in my stocking:

Synchronized Swimming

Seriously, the story is wonderful - full of bickering and sexual tension and clever writing. And it's funny! Did I mention it's funny? It's David and Maddie and the classic one-bed-in-the-hotel trope, done up Moonlighting style.

I hope you guys enjoy it as well. :)

And please do leave my Yuletide author some love if you like it! You don't need an account on AO3 - you can easily leave comments with your email address, or you can given "kudos" (which is the same as "liking" something on Facebook) anonymously with one click.
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